Future Books

Here are some of the “in the works” projects that I have on-going.

Macroeconomic Storytelling with Mike Follin

Mike Follin photo from July 2021I have had the great pleasure of working with historian, actor, first person historical interpreter, and storyteller Mike Follin for almost a decade.  Mike was instrumental in developing the initial relaunch of the Ohio Village, an outdoor living museum of first-person historical interpretation, at the Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio.  Mike helped me develop several “characters” for the Village and other Ohio History Connection events.  

I have convinced Mike since retiring from the Ohio History Connection (but hardly slowing down) to use just some of his historical knowledge and his endless talents at storytelling to help new audiences better understand the evolution of the macroeconomy.  We are working on a project that will take the audience on a journey through the global economy of the interwar period.  Follow up projects will cover other time periods.

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